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Unlike adequate health, the concept of a figure may not be as significant for our bodies, but it is certainly significant for our well-being. Let’s agree, who these days doesn’t want to look good, healthy, glowing muscles or an impeccable figure? Certainly most of you, it’s safe to say that in today’s world this is already such a standard. We all want to look like a million dollars, and it’s really not hard to achieve.

Consistency and the ideal figure

consistency figure

The first and probably most important rule to follow to build a beautiful figure is to be consistent. Being consistent and organized is actually the most important principle of most of our activities. Whether we’re talking about earning money, building a career, or just building a beautiful figure.

It all boils down to regular exercise, being consistent with your diet, restraining yourself from drinking sugary or sweetened beverages, or simply eating junk food.

Our body functions best when it works like a clock, when it is properly programmed. So if you provide it with the right food at the right times, supported by the right amount of sports, you’re already well on your way to success. Of course, it is also important to remember the correct supplementation that supports our actions on the way to building the ideal figure. The aforementioned actions above, completed consistently every day give us a 100% chance of success, remember that!


The right diet the right way to the ideal figure

Second place on our list of the most important rules for striving for a beautiful figure is, of course, diet. Now imagine yourself on the couch, munching on fat-dripping junk food nibbled with chips or other processed food, sipping it with liters of sweetened drinks.

How do you see yourself after a month of such a daily diet? The first thing that comes to mind is pants that are too tight, I hate pants that are too tight. I hate it when in the clothes I wear I suddenly feel uncomfortable because I have gained a few or a dozen pounds, it is the worst thing that can happen. And that’s how I usually ended up when my diet looked just like the one described above (yes, I used to have a problem with this too, but thanks to consistent action, I managed to get out of it).

dream figure

So how should we eat? The answer is actually very simple, regularly. The word regular is very key here, because as I have already mentioned our body works like a clock, and in the quest for the ideal figure this clock plays a very big role.  By eating regularly, at self-determined times, we get our body used to taking in food regularly and consistently, so it doesn’t store unnecessary fat in our bellies and belly to “save” us from starvation. Our body knows that it will get this energy from food, so it does not have to automatically make us fatter.

It is advisable to eat a lot of vegetables, rather avoid vegetables that contain a lot of carbohydrates, or eat them in small amounts. If we choose meat, we should rather focus on poultry and white meat as it is the leanest meat. Try to avoid white bread as much as possible, replacing it with multigrain waffles or dark bread. And most importantly, try to eat plenty of eggs, they are the best source of protein so badly needed to build our dream figure.

Figure in sports

The next step will be to get up off the couch! Depending on what you want to achieve, you have a choice of cardio conditioning exercises, which will burn fat quickly, but will also get rid of muscle volume. Then there are strength exercises, which put less emphasis on conditioning and burning tissue and more on building muscle. When it comes to strength training and building big muscles, we need to use a protein-rich diet for this, preferably from animal sources.

figure sport

The best and, in fact, the healthiest solution for building an optimal and nice figure are exercises with one’s own body weight, the so-called calisthenics, which often go hand in hand with conditioning exercises. This is the healthiest and least invasive method of sport for building a beautiful and slender figure with naturally sculpted muscles.

Depending on what you are aiming for, the ways described above may interest you.

Finally, supplementation!

Today on the market we have many brands of safe and healthy supplements to support weight loss and a healthy diet. It’s worth getting acquainted with some of them, as this is a great way to help you achieve better and faster results to build your dream figure. Remember that it is worth choosing supplements that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. They are condensed in doses that are safe and work well for humans, so we will reach our goal faster.

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