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Skincare: 7 Tips for inspiring instantly rejuvenating skin regeneration, repair sun damage to the skin after the vacations.

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After a successful vacation and returning home, the good mood is always good. Often, however, with swaggering leisure and fun, we forget to take care of our skincare. Very often our skin suffers because of this, which requires constant care and attention to be in the best possible condition.

The sun has a very strong effect on the skin leaving it dehydrated, often with slight burns which is a common cause of early skin aging. In this article, we will go through some methods that will help you properly take care of your skin’s regeneration, preserve its natural beauty and overall skincare.

Hydration first and foremost!

After a sunny vacation, your skin may be dehydrated and dry. It is important to constantly hydrate it and keep it moisturized. To do this, drink adequate amounts of water, remember that it is mainly from this source that our skin gets the most benefit when it comes to its proper hydration. Remember that skincare is very important, so it is a good idea to support yourself with proper supplementation. This type of action will definitely speed up and facilitate proper skincare.

Cool shower or cold compresses in skincare

If you have experienced a mild sunburn while on vacation or after returning from vacation, one solution to temporarily alleviate the issue may be cold showers. This is a solution that will certainly bring relief, but it is not a long-term solution. After a cold shower, consider using some kind of lotion, or soothing body oil, preferably with aloe vera.

Such biphasic skincare is sure to bring more relief. The second way is to use cold compresses, with which we compress the burned areas. We keep the compresses until they become “warm” and then change to new ones. Skincare in sunburn is so important that it will strongly delay the accelerated aging of the skin.

Skincare by gently exfoliating it

Skin, after intense sunbathing is burned. Too much exposure of the skin to the sun leads to burns. In addition to moisturizing it, it is also important to exfoliate quite regularly. What this means. The epidermis when exposed to the sun too much dries out and becomes cornified, which leads to the epidermis moving away from the dermis.

In order to proper skincare after sunburn, it should be exfoliated manually from time to time so that the epidermis in question does not die on the dermis. For this purpose, after a shower, we can use a soft shower soap and a gentle body peel and with calm movements, using the soap, massage the skin to “take off” the exfoliated and dried epidermis. Remember not to scrub the skin too hard, as this can lead to more irritation of the already suffering skin.

Let’s use sunscreen!

Remember, prevention is always better than cure! To that end, use sunscreen before sunbathing. When leaving the hotel for the beach, use sunscreen and repeat this action every two to three hours on average. Particularly when sweating excessively, exercising, swimming or playing in the water, as water transmits the sun’s rays to the skin more easily, leading to faster and more severe skin burns.

Preventing sunburn, is also part of skincare, so you will save yourself from difficult and often painful post-burn treatments. It is important to choose the right sunscreen for you. Depending on your complexion or the delicacy of your skin, each of you will need a different UV filter in the cream. Skincare on this level is very important.

Antioxidants in skincare

If you don’t know much about antioxidants, you need to know that these, too, are great fighters against dry and sunburned skin. Be sure to stock up on skin products containing antioxidants before you go on vacation, or after you return if you haven’t done so before.

Too much exposure to the sun can lead to oxidative stress on the skin, so when going on vacation, it’s a good idea to stock up on preventative products like serums or creams with vitamin C, which effectively neutralize free radicals. They will be an excellent choice, as they support collagen production and brighten the skin. Regular use of antioxidants can improve the condition, tone of the skin and supports the overall skincare.

Vitamin E for skin repair and skincare

Nowadays on the market we have a lot of skin preparations containing vitamin E. Why is vitamin E so important in skincare? Because it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and, above all, it is known for its skin healing and repairing properties. Vitamin E also prevents the formation of dark spots on the skin and discoloration that occurs when the skin is exposed to the sun for too long. It’s a good idea to stock up on oils or creams containing just vitamin E to properly support skincare.

The most important and obvious – proper hygiene in skincare!

A matter perhaps trivial and very obvious, but the most important. Remember about proper skin hygiene. Cleansing it of sand, sweat and sunscreen residues is very important, especially if the skin is irritated and sunburned. Without proper hygiene, there is no way we talking about skincare! Unclean skin corrodes and ages faster, making it more difficult to maintain the healthy appearance and pleasant touch we all strive for every day. In a word dear readers, wash! For cleansing irritated skin, it’s best to use a gentle and soft sponge or shower wash while getting rid of keratinized skin.


Your skin deserves to be treated well every day, especially after the vacations where its exposure to the sun is greatest. After reading this article, you already have an idea about skincare with the help of home remedies, natural and mechanical aided by various means that enhance and accelerate the effect of natural skin recovery. Choosing the right products will help you in the fight against sunburned and irritated skin. All this advice is directed to both men and women, especially those who have been in harsh and hot climates with lots of sun.

And most important in skincare, remember to be consistent in the practices described above. A one-time action practically never gets the job done, so all of these things need to be done on a regular basis to take proper skincare. So start today, your journey for better, healthier and a few years younger skin!

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